Want to be a better pilot?

Bob Martens has recently written about maintaining proficiency through the use of more frequent training and I strongly agree with his thoughts. Nothing is better than practicing maneuvers and procedures to keep us sharp,  I would like to offer another route to broadening you flying skills beyond the usual flight review maneuvers by suggesting you […]

California adds major fees to CFIs and schools

Max Trescott posted this on his blog. If you are in California, check this out: California Regulations From Max’s blog: “To quote a story by EAA, “Each instructor would be charged an initial application fee of $5000 and a $3500 renewal fee every three years. If the instructor has a second location an additional fee […]

Emergencies and ATC

Declaring an emergency is one of the easiest actions a pilot can take. FAR 91.3 spells it out very clearly. “The pilot-in-command of an aircraft is directly responsible for and is the final authority as to the operation of that aircraft. In an emergency requiring immediate action, the pilot-in-command may deviate from any rule in […]

Recurrent Training. Are You Getting Yours?

OK, everyone open up your log books.  Everyone that would like to show off all their recent training flights take a step toward the front of the class. How come no one is moving? How long has it been?  Weeks, months?  Longer?? The truth of the matter is, few us get nearly enough training.  When […]

Professionalism in the Cockpit

Professionalism in the cockpit is a big topic with the airline industry these days. Just this week, the FAA  reminded airline pilots to “evaluate their personal practices” regarding use of devices such as lap top computers and cell phones while on duty. In addition they said operators need to create a “safety culture” that reinforces […]