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Welcome to the AOPA member training portal provided by PilotWorkshops. We’re proud to support the AOPA as a Premier Partner and pleased to provide you with this sample library of our best pilot proficiency lessons. Taught by our team of award-winning instructors (see their bios), these programs are packed with tips and techniques you can use on your next flight. Bookmark this page so you can return to these lessons.

Video and audio lessons can be played on any computer or mobile device with internet connection.

Pilot’s Tip of the Week: Each tip is under 2 minutes long and contains valuable nuggets of wisdom. Over 200,000 pilots receive these tips weekly on Wednesday mornings.


Non-Towered Airport Communications

The Quick Reference Guide to Non-Towered Airport Communications provides clear guidance on what to say and when to say it as you maneuver for takeoffs, landings or pattern work. Great for new students or as a refresher for Rusty Pilots. From Pilot-Friendly Manual for VFR Communications.

Tasks/Resources for Non-Towered Airport Communications

VFR Scenario: The Impossible Go-Around?

You’ve got the whole family on board for a great weekend by the ocean. However, the landing attempt on a runway that’s short and obstructed didn’t go so well. Now you have only a second to decide if an attempted go-around will safely clear the trees—or result in a catastrophe. What will you do? Watch the video and choose.

From VFR Mastery.

Tasks/Resources for VFR Scenario: The Impossible Go-Around?

IFR Pilots—Don’t Make This Mistake

Watch this video to learn a little-known gotcha with RNAV approaches, it can save you from embarrassment (or worse). From IFR Mastery.

Tasks/Resources for IFR Pilots—Don’t Make This Mistake

Black Hole Approach

Sometimes the most powerful learning experiences are the ones you wish never happened. On this short flight, two experienced pilots nearly ended up becoming a statistic. It was only by chance that the cameras were running and caught it all for later analysis. Here’s the behind-the-scenes story of the accident that almost—but didn’t—happen. From Real World VFR.

Tasks/Resources for Black Hole Approach

172 Lands at Logan International

Many pilots shy away from landing at a busy, Class B airport. But watching a Cessna 172 land between Boeing jets at Boston’s Logan International (KBOS) is interesting whether or not you ever want to do it.

Listen to the rapid-fire ATC comms and watch pilot Keith Smith slip into a smooth landing. From Real World VFR.

Tasks/Resources for 172 Lands at Logan International

Predicting Thunderstorm Movement

Convective precipitation usually moves in two different ways. The line of precipitation usually moves in one direction while individual cells along the line move in another. This lesson explains why and how to predict both motions all along your route. From IFR Weather Briefings.

Tasks/Resources for Predicting Thunderstorm Movement

Back to Basics: Improving Rudder Skills

Rudder pedals are not meant to be footrests! Wally Moran explains how good rudder skills can drastically improve your safety. He also provides simple exercises you can do to improve your rudder proficiency. From The Airmanship Series.

Tasks/Resources for Back to Basics: Improving Rudder Skills

The Power of Performance Profiles

Instrument pilots must have a solid understanding of their aircraft’s performance profile. Countless pilots have wasted valuable training hours—and struggle to this day—because their instructor skipped this first critical step. Here’s the step-by-step process for creating the essential performance profiles for each airplane you fly. It will help you fly IFR with more precision, and reduce your workload in every phase of flight. From IFR: The Missing Lessons

Tasks/Resources for The Power of Performance Profiles

Takeoffs & Landings Refresher

Wally explains his techniques for all sorts of takeoff and landing situations: normal, crosswind, short field and soft field. You will want to listen to this refresher again and again. From The Airmanship Series.

Tasks/Resources for Takeoffs & Landings Refresher

Accident Report: Botched Go-Around

Watch as we dissect an accident involving a 1,660 hour IFR pilot flying a Piper Malibu who was fatally injured while performing a go-around. There are many lessons to be taken from this scenario. From The Airmanship Series.

Tasks/Resources for Accident Report: Botched Go-Around

Mastering GPS Approaches

Wally Moran breaks down the different types of GPS approaches and shares some tips to help you fly them smoother, more safely and more precisely. From The IFR Proficiency Series.

Tasks/Resources for Mastering GPS Approaches

Which Sim Should You Use for Home Proficiency Training?

Which sim software is best for pilots? FAA certified or non-certified? This video answers those questions with solid recommendations to get you started with a sim that supports home proficiency training while saving lots of research time. From Getting Started With Simulation.

Tasks/Resources for Which Sim Should You Use for Home Proficiency Training?