IFR Weather Briefings

IFR Weather Briefings

Improve your weather briefing skills with this hands-on course that shows you which tools to use, and what to look for when planning IFR flights.

Learn To Answer These Questions With Confidence:

  • If I fly somewhere today, how do I know if conditions will allow me to get home 4 days from now?
  • How can I predict if a thunderstorm will impact my route, or move over my destination before I land?
  • How do I know where rain showers will be, when they will happen, and how severe they might become?
  • How do I know if light to moderate rain on the NEXRAD is flyable, or should be avoided?
  • How much turbulence can I expect along my route, and where is the smoothest ride?
  • What altitude are the cloud bases, cloud tops, and icing levels at — and how will they impact my flight?

We Skip The Theory, And Show You How

Traditional weather books and training programs are heavy on meteorological theory that can leave pilots feeling overwhelmed and confused.

We heard from pilots who wanted a simplified weather program, one that gets right to the heart of it…

  • Which weather tools should I use (when)?
  • How do I find what I need?

That’s the focus of this program. It uses real scenarios and examples to teach weather briefing skills in a practical way.

Taught In A No-Nonsense Style

Jeff Van West

Vice President, Product Design and Strategy, CFII

You may know PilotWorkshop’s Creative Director, Jeff Van West, from our other programs: Real World VFRGetting Started with Simulation, and IFR Mastery to name a few.

Jeff’s ongoing challenge is taking complex topics and simplifying them without losing the critical details. For this course, he took content from CFIIs, pilots, and meteorologist Scott Dennstaedt—and then stripped that content down into short, focused videos, each of which answers a single pre-flight weather question. These aren’t the simple questions you can address with a quick check of the weather, either. These are the tough questions—but the ones you really want help answering.

The result is a course that doesn’t cover everything weather, yet hits hard on the important briefing skills that Instrument pilots need to possess.

Sample Video:

“Predicting Thunderstorm Movement”Convective precipitation usually moves in two different ways. The line of precipitation usually moves in one direction while individual cells along the line move in another. Learn how to predict both motions along your route. (6 min)

Bonus: Weather Tool "Quick-Start" Videos

We’ve also included short videos that show you how to get started using the weather tools covered in this program. They highlight the important features and functions you should know how to use. Tools covered include:

  • Area Forecast Discussion
  • Convective and TS Outlook
  • Graphical Forecast for Aviation
  • Icing Tools CIP FIP
  • Satellite Tools
  • Skew-T RUC
  • Windy.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access this program?
A: Your training is available online via a secure, password-protected website. You can watch it on any computer, tablet or phone.

Q: Do you offer a Download version?
A: Yes, the online access version includes downloads of all the videos in the program.

Q: Will my online access to the program ever expire?
A: No. Once you register your login credentials, they never expire. You will always have access to the program.

Q: Can I access the program from more than one computer or device?
A: Yes. With your login info, you can access the site from any device as often as you want.

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IFR Weather Briefings

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