The Foundation of Instrument Flight

How to Build a Performance Profile

Instrument pilots must have a solid understanding of their aircraft’s performance profile. Countless pilots have wasted valuable training hours—and struggle to this day—because their instructor skipped this first critical step. Here’s the step-by-step process for creating the essential performance profiles for each airplane you fly. It will help you fly IFR with more precision, and reduce your workload in every phase of flight.

Download the performance profile chart here. Use an instructor or safety pilot when creating these profiles.

This video is from our new program, IFR: The Missing Lessons.

Meet The Instructor

Ryan Koch

CFII, Sim training expert

Ryan Koch taught himself to fly virtually when he was 10 years old using Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fast forward several decades and Ryan is now an innovator in flight instruction, combining desktop simulation with remote instruction to deliver highly effective training programs for pilots around the country. He’s an active flight instructor, specializing in instrument training in Wausau, Wisconsin.


Ryan teaches ground schools, runs ATC communications courses for both IFR and VFR pilots, and has developed curriculum for a variety of IFR proficiency programs and even a simulator-centered high school aviation program.