PilotWorkshops announces Bose A20 Headset Winner


May 9, 2016 (Nashua, NH) – Congratulations to Christopher Carroll of Florida - winner of our most recent Bose A20 Aviation Headset Drawing. Christopher is a multi-engine commercial pilot and advanced ground and instrument ground instructor.

He mostly flies a Cessna 172 G1000 and a Piper Seneca II. He says, "I fly because aviation gives me a chance to see things from a perspective that very few people have."

PilotWorkshops periodically holds drawings for prizes like the Bose A20 and the best way to be notified of these drawings is by getting the Pilot's Tip of the Week.



PilotWorkshops debuts “Real World VFR” video training

November 25, 2015 (Nashua, NH) – PilotWorkshops has launched Real World VFR, a NEW HD video program that follows a pilot through a series of challenging flights, and teaches the skills and confidence needed to explore new flying adventures.


With multiple, in-cockpit and airplane-mounted cameras and full ATC audio, viewers feel like they are riding along in the cockpit as they strain to pick out an airport at night, avoid jet turbulence on a Class Bravo runway, or land on a short grass strip in the mountains.

There are ten videotaped flights in all that capture the following challenges:

As the title suggests, the real-world nature of the flights means that things don't always go as briefed. Changes, surprises and even mistakes happen, and seeing how an experienced pilot deals with these incidents is a major part of the learning process.

Real World VFR is suitable for any pilot that has areas of rust they might need to knock off, or techniques they never really mastered. Night flying, Class Bravo operations, short/soft field operations, long water crossings, dead reckoning navigation; these are all briefed, flown and debriefed so that any pilot contemplating a flight with these challenges will feel safer and more confident doing the real thing.

The product is now available online and on a USB flash drive. Details and samples are available at


PilotWorkshops debuts "IFR Focus" - Free for Instrument Pilots

IFR_FOCUS_256x35.pngAugust 27, 2015 (Nashua, NH) PilotWorkshops has announced the release of a new, monthly electronic publication called IFR Focus, for Instrument Pilots and students. Content-wise it's serious IFR, delving into a specific IFR topic from a pilot's perspective.

Each installment of IFR Focus offers practical tips and techniques for getting the most utility out of IFR flying. Many issues include videos dedicated to getting the most from your avionics. A monthly quiz on ForeFlight is also included.

"IFR Focus" is written by Jeff Van West, the former editor of IFR Magazine and co-editor of Aviation Consumer. His writing has appeared in AOPA Pilot, Flight Training, AVweb and many other outlets. IFR Focus will have the same practical, humorous, and out-of-the-box thinking Jeff is known for. No matter what the topic, however, IFR Focus always puts the pilot's perspective first.

Anyone can subscribe to receive IFR Focus for free at



PilotWorkshops Releases Updated IFR Proficiency Series

May 26,2015 (Nashua, NH) – PilotWorkshops has released an updated version of its IFR Proficiency Series for instrument pilots. The training includes 42 audio and video workshops covering topics including:

• Instrument Approaches
• Weather and Flight Planning
• IFR Communication
• Accident Analysis
• Single Pilot IFR

Included are three brand new workshops: Mastering GPS Approaches, Mastering Instrument Approaches and Mastering SIDs and STARs. In addition to the new material, more than a dozen other workshops have been updated to account for new information and technologies.

Importantly, all previous customers of IFR Proficiency are entitled to online access so they can use the new material. "We believe it is important to keep our customers updated with new material and that's a huge benefit of online delivery," states Mark Robidoux, PilotWorkshops' founder.

The lessons are developed by PilotWorkshops' team of experienced instructors including Wally Moran, Bob Nardiello, John Krug, Bob Martens, Rod Machado, Doug Stewart and Scott Dennstaedt. They have created highly focused, 10-15 minute workshops that allow a pilot to quickly pick up valuable strategies and tips for each topic.

The product is delivered in an online format compatible with computers, tablets and smart phones with a USB version available for backup and offline viewing. Get more details here.


PilotWorkshops debuts "Real World IFR" video program

March 17, 2015 (Nashua, NH) – PilotWorkshops has introduced a new video training and proficiency program for instrument pilots called, "Real World IFR". The program employs a unique method of video training in which the student is looking over the shoulder of an experienced IFR pilot flying a series of challenging flights in IMC.

menu_intro.png"Nothing compares with actually looking over the shoulder of a pilot flying through the IFR system," says Mark Robidoux, founder of PilotWorkshops. "It provides a level of understanding you just can't get from a book or a ground school because you're seeing all that theory actually put into practice."

Real-World IFR takes cockpit footage of a complete IFR flight, from startup to shutdown, and adds explanations, insights, and tips for improvement. The pilot and host, Keith Smith, flies some of the flights in his hotrod Lancair 360 and some on a simulator connected to live, human air traffic controllers. Smith's Lancair flights range from residential airparks to New York City's JFK international, so you can see techniques applied across the spectrum of IFR flying. Other flights are recorded in a simulator which allows the construction of specific scenarios, emergencies and challenges while flying in the system.

In all flights a heavy emphasis is placed on providing strategies for managing workload and ATC communications. As indicated in the title, the real-world nature of the flights means that mistakes, surprises and emergencies happen, and seeing how an experienced pilot deals with these incidents is a major part of the learning process.

Also included is a highly focused ground school that teaches key IFR concepts and situations that arise in the flight videos. The IFR Refresher Ground School is a useful online video library that pilots can use as needed to brush up on their IFR knowledge or help knock off the rust.

Details and samples are available at



Pilots Learn Avoidance of the Top 61 Critical Pilot Mistakes

December 16, 2014 (Nashua, NH) — Loss of directional control during takeoff and landing (especially in crosswinds), fuel mismanagement, overdependence on automation, failure to respect the hazards of weather, failure to observe aircraft limitations, failure to recognize and adhere to your own limitations. These are all common pilot errors that contribute to aircraft accidents with amazing frequency.

ipad.pngThe latest audio program from PilotWorkshops, 61 Critical Pilot Mistakes and How To Avoid Them, picks apart the errors most likely to turn a flight into a grim statistic. Award-winning flight instructor Tom Turner offers both analysis of these errors, and concrete strategies for avoiding them. The content ranges from situations encounter by all pilots, such as anticipating crosswind problems or flight to maximum range, as well as situations critical to specialized flight conditions, such as correctly assessing high density-altitude takeoffs or developing flexible IFR performance configurations.

Each topic is a bite-sized chunk dialed in on one specific topic. However, they cumulatively represent over seven hours of insights, analysis and tips. It's all delivered in Tom's relaxed style that makes these audio lessons easy to listen to and highly effective.



 PilotWorkshops Interviewed on AOPA Live

May 13, 2014 - Nashua, NH and Frederick, MD - PilotWorkshops' Founder Mark Robidoux was interviewed by AOPA Pilot Editor-in-Chief Tom Haines for AOPA Live. During the interview Mark discusses why PilotWorkshops became a partner with AOPA, what new benefits PilotWorkshops is providing to AOPA members, and he shares some background on how PilotWorkshops got started and grew to it's current position.

See the interview here.



PilotWorkshops Supports AOPA as Premier Partner

March 28, 2014 - Nashua, NH - PilotWorkshops will provide AOPA members with free online access to an extensive library of quality audio and video aviation training programs as a new AOPA Premier Partner, AOPA announced March 28.

The programs, available on the website of the Nashua, N.H.-based firm that specializes in pilot proficiency training products, are designed to help pilots of all levels achieve a higher degree of flight proficiency.

“We are excited to offer additional training resources to AOPA members through this partnership,” said AOPA Vice President of Advertising, Partnerships, and Products Carol Dodds. “Pilots never stop learning and it’s great to see an entrepreneurial company like PilotWorkshops prosper in our industry by creating innovative and effective training.”

Founded in 2005, PilotWorkshops is best known for its “Pilots Tip of the Week,” read regularly by more than 120,000 pilots and available free on its website. The course content is developed by a world-class team of instructors who contribute their knowledge and experience to PilotWorkshops’ tips and online training products.

“The support of our customers and subscribers has allowed us to grow to the point where we can now give back to our industry in a meaningful way,” said Mark Robidoux, founder of PilotWorkshops. “We look forward to sharing more of our pilot tips and training with AOPA members.”

As a renewal gift, AOPA members can visit PilotWorkshops to gain instant access to some of PilotWorkshops training, including programs on Non-Towered Airport Operations, Single Pilot IFR, Takeoffs and Landings, Stick and Rudder Flying, IFR Communications, Weather and Planning, In-Flight Emergencies, and more. Celebrates 10,000th WINGS Course Completion

December 2, 2013 - Nashua, NH - announced that the FAA has now issued over 10,000 WINGS course completion credits for their online pilot proficiency training courses. The company has been creating WINGS-approved training programs since 2006.  "Many of our customers participate in the FAA WINGS program and appreciate the convenience of being able to continue their proficiency training while earning WINGS credits," said Pilotworkshops' founder Mark Robidoux.

104.gifNational FAASTeam Manager Kevin Clover stated, "Pilotworkshops has been a strong supporter of the WINGS program.  They have helped thousands of pilots maintain and improve their proficiency and safety."

The primary benefit of the FAA WINGS program (as found on the web site)  is, "the added level of safety and professionalism that is obtained through adoption of a reliable recurrent training program."  Another major benefit is the fact that, "When you participate in the program throughout each year so as to maintain a current phase at the Basic Level, you will always have a current flight review. Your flight review date will move as you continue your safety education by participation in accredited FAASTeam activities..." .

The majority of the course completion credits issued by PilotWorkshops are through its IFR Mastery program. This monthly, scenario-based training uses a combination of video, audio, and forum discussion to place a pilot in a challenging instrument flight scenario, test their decision-making, and provide expert advice and tips for handling the scenario.



PilotWorkshops Releases New "Pilot-Friendly" Manuals for Garmin GTN 650 and 750 

November 12, 2013 - PilotWorkshops has announced the availability of their "Pilot-Friendly" GPS Manuals for the Garmin GTN 650 and GTN 750 units. These manuals; written by renowned GPS author and trainer John Dittmer, guide pilots through complex GPS procedures in a simple, step-by-step format. They take a hands-on approach, so you can master new procedures and processes quickly by actually doing it. PilotWorkshops also provides digital, PDF versions of the GTN manuals along with the printed ones so pilots can enjoy the convenience of accessing them on their iPad.  

PilotWorkshops publishes a family of "pilot-friendly" manuals for all popular Garmin panel-mount and handheld units.  Over the years, thousands of pilots have benefited from the clear, concise instructions and diagrams included in the manuals. "There has been a lack of training for these new Garmin units, and our customers have been asking for them. We're happy to provide the proven, pilot-friendly format for the GTN series so owners can get the most from their investment," stated PilotWorkshops president, Mark Robidoux.

PilotWorkshops acquired the entire family of manuals from ZD Publishing, Inc in February of 2013. 



Free IFR Scenario Training iPad app from PilotWorkshops

August 30, 2013 - has announced the release of their new IFR scenario-based training app for the iPad. Called “IFR Mastery”, the free app provides two challenging IFR scenarios based on PilotWorkshops’ popular IFR Mastery online training. The app is available at: or by searching for “IFR Mastery” in the iTunes store.

Within the app, pilots watch a video that sets the stage by putting them in a real, challenging IFR flight situation. After watching the video, pilots are presented with multiple options and relevant resources to help them decide which course of action to take. The pilot commits to their decision via a poll and immediately sees how their decision compares with thousands of other pilots. 

Pilots are then presented with a brief instructional video where a PilotWorkshops expert instructor explains how he would have handled the situation, providing valuable tips and tactics.  Finally, a roundtable audio lets the pilot listen in as the entire PilotWorkshops’ team of instructors discusses the scenario and shares their own relevant experiences and strategies.



PilotWorkshops Releases Free Video Refresher for Non-Towered Airport Operations

March 29, 2013 - has released a free video refresher program for Non-Towered Airport operations. The program includes three short videos ranging from 6 to 12 minutes in length and can be viewed on any PC or mobile device. They are available at

PilotWorkshops founder Mark Robidoux commented, "With the recent announcement of 149 tower closures, there will suddenly be thousands of pilots flying into and out of airports that had ATC services one day, and none the next. While all of us are trained in these procedures, it's easy to become rusty if you aren't using a skill. We wanted to make this refresher available to all pilots for free in the hopes that it makes flying a bit safer for all of us."

Over 30,000 pilots have viewed these free videos since they were released.



 The #1 "pilot training" app in Apple's App Store is free from

March 9, 2013 -'s free app shows up as the #1 most-popular iPad app for Pilot Training in the App Store. The app features 20 free training videos and audios from PilotWorkshop's team of nationally-recognized flight instructors. The 5 Star rated app runs on both iPad and iPhone and can be found by searching for PilotWorkshop or "pilot training" in the App Store or at founder Mark Robidoux commented, "We wanted to provide pilots with a lot of solid information they can actually implement in their cockpit. In turn, pilots are voting with their downloads and made our app #1 for pilot training." The videos and audios are taken from PilotWorkshops family of proficiency training products and cover topics like:

"We realize pilots are busy and often don't have time to sit in front of a computer and watch a two-hour video. That's why we organized our training in 10 to 15-minute lessons. It lets a pilot listen to an audio or watch a video when they have a few minutes of downtime," explained Robidoux. WINGS credits can be earned for completion of each series of workshops within the app. Acquires ZD Publishing and their Pilot-Friendly GPS Manuals

Feb 7, 2013 - LLC has purchased the assets of ZD Publishing including copyrights and inventory of ZD's 21 different Pilot-Friendly GPS Manuals. Written by ZD Publishing founder John Dittmer, an ATP-rated CFI, these manuals have been trusted by thousands of pilots to help them master their panel-mount and handheld GPS units produced by Garmin and Bendix/King. The entire inventory of manuals is now available from PilotWorkshops in download or print format at

"We've been working closely with ZD Publishing since 2011 and have received tremendous feedback from our customers who have purchased their manuals. In particular, pilots appreciate the task-oriented nature that quickly gets to the root of what a pilot needs from their GPS. They focus on getting something done as opposed to the 'buttonology' focus in many manufacturer manuals," said Mark Robidoux, President of PilotWorkshops. "In particular, we've talked with many IFR pilots who are frustrated that they are only using a small fraction of their GPS unit's capability because of difficulties in learning some of the more complex operations. Gaining mastery of those operations is the core value these manuals provide."

"We're proud of our contribution in helping pilots become proficient with their GPS units," stated John Dittmer, President of ZD Publishing. "We know PilotWorkshops can do a good job of carrying the "Pilot-Friendly" message forward as they had quickly become our largest distributor." Dittmer will continue to write manuals and updates for PilotWorkshops in the future.