PilotWorkshops Announces January Simulator Winner

January 15, 2021 (Nashua, NH) Glenn Pagano of New Jersey is the latest winner of a 3-monitor desktop simulator package after entering PilotWorkshops’ recent sweepstakes. Built by X-Force PC, the sim includes everything a pilot needs to practice procedures and stay sharp. Glen also won “Getting Started With Flight Simulation“, a training program developed by PilotWorkshops and designed to teach pilots how to fly useful training missions in home-based sims.

Glenn is a police detective and flies a Piper Comanche 180 out of Sullivan County International Airport in NY. He uses his Comanche extensively when volunteering for Pilots N Paws. Says Glenn, “The past 3 years I’ve been using the Comanche to help fly rescue dogs slated for euthanasia, to their forever homes in various states in the Northeast region. Joining on with the volunteer pilot/ rescue organization Pilots N Paws has given me the tremendous opportunity to fly to various airports, which I would not normally venture to, and meet some animal loving pilots, rescue volunteers and of course the lucky dogs. All the dogs I’ve flown ride seatbelt tethered in the backseat. All are calm and instantly know they are safe. Most fall asleep after takeoff, usually at about 1000 AGL, like true first class passengers!”