PilotWorkshops Launches IFR Mastery Series

PilotWorkshops.com has introduced a new product for IFR pilots that provides online, scenario-based training. The IFR Mastery Series is designed to improve technique, knowledge and overall safety for the IFR pilot. FAA  WINGS credit is available for completing the training.

Each month, new topics are explored in depth.  The pilot is placed in a realistic IFR scenario. They are provided with relevant resources, and must choose their course of action.

PilotWorkshops’ panel of experts provides their own feedback via video, explaining how they reached their decisions. Additionally they share techniques and best practices related to that topic.

Pilots also access the private discussion forum where they can ask questions and share their own stories. The forum is moderated by the experts, so pilots can get personal feedback from these nationally recognized flight  instructors.

Scenarios in the IFR Mastery Series were chosen based on survey results from over 13,000 IFR pilots who provided feedback on which IFR training topics they were most interested in.  These include topics such as single pilot IFR, weather, instrument approaches, IFR communications, emergencies and more.

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