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I've been a Tip of the Week subscriber for several years. What were your Top 5 tips this year? — Marilyn J.

Based on viewership, comments and poll results, these are 5 of the most popular tips we’ve published.

1. When to Flare

A common problem when landing is judging your height above the runway and when to flare.
Tom Turner has a simple technique that can smooth out your touchdowns.

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2. Read Back the Altimeter Setting?

When ATC gives you a local altimeter setting, do you need to read it back?

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3. Starting a Flooded Engine

Engine won’t start? Here’s a surefire way to know if it’s flooded, and how to get it started if it is.

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4. Takeoff Over Max Weight?

Is an aircraft’s maximum gross weight a guideline from the manufacturer, or a number that should never be exceeded?

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5. Consistently Good Landings

Every pilot strives for a smooth landing every time. Do these two things and you will improve your landing consistency…

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