Welcome to The Pilot’s Tip of the Week

Welcome to The Pilot’s Tip of the Week

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Popular Resources

Below are popular resources we’ve shared with our subscribers over the years. They were developed by our award-winning instructors (see Bios below), and are packed with tips and techniques you can put to work on your next flight. Bookmark this page so you can return to these resources.

Non-Towered Airport Communications

The Quick Reference Guide to Non-Towered Airport Communications provides clear guidance on what to say and when to say it as you maneuver for takeoffs, landings or pattern work. Great for new students or as a refresher for Rusty Pilots. From Pilot-Friendly Manual for VFR Communications.

Tasks/Resources for Non-Towered Airport Communications

VFR Scenario: Difficult Departure Decision

A day of fair-weather flying, tailwinds, and an airport restaurant with tasty barbecue makes for the perfect flying day. The after-lunch departure, however, has your full attention. The runway is short and sloped, and your takeoff weight and warmer temperatures won’t leave much of a margin. You can takeoff uphill and into the wind, or downhill with a tailwind. Not the options you were hoping for, and the departing airplanes don’t seem to be clearing the trees by a lot.

Would you depart? Which way?

Watch the video for more details, and test your knowledge.

From VFR Mastery.

Tasks/Resources for VFR Scenario: Difficult Departure Decision

Caught on Camera Videos

This series of four videos shows how an experienced pilot handles difficult situations that any of us might face. Captured in HD, these videos are edited and narrated to explain the strategies used and in-flight decisions made.

Tasks/Resources for Caught on Camera Videos

IFR Pilots—Don’t Make This Mistake

Watch this video to learn a little-known gotcha with RNAV approaches, it can save you from embarrassment (or worse). From IFR Mastery.

Tasks/Resources for IFR Pilots—Don’t Make This Mistake

The Power of Performance Profiles

Instrument pilots must have a solid understanding of their aircraft’s performance profile. Countless pilots have wasted valuable training hours—and struggle to this day—because their instructor skipped this first critical step. Here’s the step-by-step process for creating the essential performance profiles for each airplane you fly. It will help you fly IFR with more precision, and reduce your workload in every phase of flight. From IFR: The Missing Lessons

Tasks/Resources for The Power of Performance Profiles

Teach Your Passenger to Scan for Traffic

Your passenger can (and should) be a valuable resource in the cockpit; if they have some basic knowledge. Download this 2-page guide that teaches the proper technique for scanning. Another set of trained eyes can be a big help. From The Flying Companion Manual

Tasks/Resources for Teach Your Passenger to Scan for Traffic

Learn From These Experts

If you're spending time with any aviation resource, you should be confident in the instructor's expertise. Please take a look at the brief Bios below to see the caliber of instructors who share their best tips and techniques in the Pilot's Tip of the Week.

Doug Stewart

National CFI of the Year

Read Bio: Doug Stewart

Wally Moran

DPE, NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame

Read Bio: Wally Moran

Tom Turner

NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame

Read Bio: Tom Turner

Bob Nardiello

DPE, CFI of the Year

Read Bio: Bob Nardiello

John Krug

CFII, FAA ATC Instructor & QA Specialist

Read Bio: John Krug

Bob Martens

USAF (ret) Safety Officer, FAA Safety Program Manager

Read Bio: Bob Martens

Scott Dennstaedt

Read Bio: Scott Dennstaedt

Jeff Van West

CFII, Author, PilotWorkshops Creative Director

Read Bio: Jeff Van West