Welcome to The Pilot’s Tip of the Week

Welcome to The Pilot’s Tip of the Week

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Below are popular resources taken from our online courses and pilot-friendly manuals. Developed by our award-winning instructors (see Bios below), they are packed with tips and techniques you can put to work on your next flight. Bookmark this page so you can return to these resources.

Learn From These Experts

If you're spending time with any aviation resource, you should be confident in the instructor's expertise. Please take a look at the brief Bios below to see the caliber of instructors who share their best tips and techniques in the Pilot's Tip of the Week.

Doug Stewart

National CFI of the Year, DPE

Read Bio: Doug Stewart

Wally Moran

DPE, NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame

Read Bio: Wally Moran

Tom Turner

NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame

Read Bio: Tom Turner

Bob Nardiello

DPE, CFI of the Year

Read Bio: Bob Nardiello

John Krug

CFII, FAA ATC Instructor & QA Specialist

Read Bio: John Krug

Bob Martens

USAF (ret) Safety Officer, FAA Safety Program Manager

Read Bio: Bob Martens

Rod Machado

CFII, ATP, Author and Aviation Speaker

Read Bio: Rod Machado

Jeff Van West

Vice President, Product Design and Strategy, CFII

Read Bio: Jeff Van West

Ryan Koch

CFII, Director of Product Development

Read Bio: Ryan Koch

Paul Bertorelli

ATP/CFII, Aviation Writer, Editor

Read Bio: Paul Bertorelli

Dr. Scott Dennstaedt

CFII, author & former NWS meteorologist, founder of EZWxBrief

Read Bio: Dr. Scott Dennstaedt

Katrina Linder

Air Traffic Controller, ATP, CFII-MEI

Read Bio: Katrina Linder

Bruce Williams

CFII, FAASTeam Rep, Aviation Author

Read Bio: Bruce Williams

Michael Goulian

Aerobatic Champion & Red Bull Air Racer

Read Bio: Michael Goulian

Catherine Cavagnaro

2020 FAA Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year, 2022 NAFI Flight Instructor Hall of Fame

Read Bio: Catherine Cavagnaro

Dean Showalter


Read Bio: Dean Showalter

Kevin Plante

FAA ATC Specialist, Commercial Single/Multi Instrument

Read Bio: Kevin Plante

Elaine Kauh

CFII, FAASTeam Lead Representative, Corporate Pilot

Read Bio: Elaine Kauh