PilotWorkshops Releases IFR Weather Briefings Online Training

October 11, 2018 (Nashua, NH) – PilotWorkshops has launched a new video training program called “IFR Weather Briefings”. The program consists of 17 videos delivered in a Q&A format and is designed to simplify the weather aspects of flight planning.

“Pilots told us they wanted a simple-to-understand program that gets right to the heart of these questions: ‘Which tools do I use to answer this preflight weather question?’ and ‘How do I find what I need quickly using these tools?'” said PilotWorkshops’ founder Mark Robidoux. “This program delivers a simplified guide to weather tools and planning without the heavy meteorology

The program focuses on answering specific weather questions any IFR pilot might have, such as: “How do I find the best altitude for the smoothest ride when turbulence is in the forecast?” or “How can I predict if a convective cell will move over my destination before I land?” The videos show which online tools provide the best data and lead a pilot step-by-step to the answer.

In addition to the 17 weather briefing videos, the program also includes 8 Quick Start videos that provide instruction and tips on how to access and start using the online weather tools featured in the program, without a lot of trial and error.

Pilots completing the course are eligible for WINGS credits.

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