Answer 20

Can you get ForeFlight to work with your desktop flight simulator?

A. Yep. Every feature of ForeFlight can be driven by home simulation.
B. Sort of. You can use real-world weather for both sim and iPad, and receive the GPS position and attitude information from the sim on ForeFlight.
C. A bit. You can receive the GPS position, but that’s it.
D. Not without special hardware. There are cables you can buy, but nothing simple and free.

Answer: B. To get the weather on the sim to match ForeFlight, you must use real-world weather (at least as of this writing). You can receive the GPS position and the attitude information in ForeFlight from several simulators, including X-plane and Microsoft Flight Sim. ForeFlight keeps a list of the supported systems and instructions. Note that some solutions are free, and others require a bit of inexpensive software.