Answer 13

ForeFlight Question of the Month:

How can you zoom in on a specific section of the profile view to see the obstructions in greater detail?

A. Zoom in on the moving map. The profile view automatically follows.

B. Measure a distance by placing two fingers in the map view. The profile view automatically shows obstructions between those two points.

C. Use two fingers to spread the profile view itself. The view will zoom to show that section of the current route.

D. There is no way to zoom this view without temporarily changing the route.

Answer: B and C. Either of these methods will show a more detailed profile view. Use the pinch/stretch method to see something off your route and directly between two points. This is handy for diversions from your planned route. Use two fingers to pinch/stretch in the profile view to see obstructions on your planned route, including all the twists and turns.


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