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This website contains sample programs from selected PilotWorkshops online courses. They are taught by our nationally-known instructors (see their bios) and contain tips and techniques you can use on your next flight.

Video and audio lessons can be played on any computer or mobile device with internet connection.

Pilot’s Tip of the Week: Each tip is under 2 minutes long and contains valuable nuggets of wisdom. Over 185,000 pilots receive these tips weekly on Wednesday mornings.

Non-Towered Airport Communications

The Quick Reference Guide to Non-Towered Airport Comunications provides clear guidance on what to say and when to say it as you maneuver for takeoffs, landings or pattern work. Great for new students or as a refresher for Rusty Pilots.

Tasks/Resources for Non-Towered Airport Communications

VFR into IMC Scenario

VFR into IMC might be the deadliest trap for non-instrument pilots. It’s easy to say you’d just turn around, but the reality of cross-country flying is that deteriorating weather lures even the most resolute souls when it occurs slowly, and with tempting options—that can vanish in moments if the conditions are right. Watch this scenario, decide your course of action, and see if you agree with the instructor.  From VFR Mastery.

Tasks/Resources for VFR into IMC Scenario

Black Hole Approach

Sometimes the most powerful learning experiences are the ones you wish never happened. On this short flight, two experienced pilots nearly ended up becoming a statistic. It was only by chance that the cameras were running and caught it all for later analysis. Here’s the behind-the-scenes story of the accident that almost—but didn’t—happen.

Tasks/Resources for Black Hole Approach

Debrief This Challenging Landing

Watch this short video where Keith Smith and Jeff Van West recap a tricky grass field landing in Vermont. This debrief contains great in-cockpit footage and lots of lessons learned.

Tasks/Resources for Debrief This Challenging Landing

Trapped Above The Ice

This pilot got into a bonafide emergency situation and it was all caught on his GoPro camera. You will see the series of events that led him here and the bold maneuver he used to escape, all narrated by a CFII who shares valuable lessons along the way.

Tasks/Resources for Trapped Above The Ice

Back to Basics: Improving Rudder Skills

Rudder pedals are not meant to be footrests! Wally Moran explains how good rudder skills can drastically improve your safety. He also provides simple exercises you can do to improve your rudder proficiency.

Tasks/Resources for Back to Basics: Improving Rudder Skills

Tips for Approach and Landing in Turbulence

Rod Machado shares tips on approaching and landing in turbulent conditions. These conditions can be challenging and Rod’s strategies and tactics provide concrete actions that minimize the impact of bumpy air.

Tasks/Resources for Tips for Approach and Landing in Turbulence

Takeoffs & Landings Refresher

Wally explains his techniques for all sorts of takeoff and landing situations: normal, cross wind, short field and soft field. You will want to listen to this refresher again and again.

Tasks/Resources for Takeoffs & Landings Refresher

Stall Recognition and Spin Prevention

Rod provides a practical understanding of why an airplane stalls and how to recognize the warning signs of an imminent stall. He also explains how to prevent a stall from becoming an unintentional and deadly spin. This is an important lesson for all pilots!

Tasks/Resources for Stall Recognition and Spin Prevention

Mastering ILS Approaches

You’ll find Wally Moran’s tips and strategies in this workshop helpful with your ILS approaches. He shares his tactics for working with ATC, setting up your GPS, how to maintain a stabilized approach and in general, staying ahead of the airplane.

Tasks/Resources for Mastering ILS Approaches

Mastering GPS Approaches

Wally Moran breaks down the different types of GPS approaches and shares some tips to help you fly them smoother, more safely and more precisely.

Tasks/Resources for Mastering GPS Approaches

Non-Towered IFR Ops

There are many nuances involved in non-towered IFR operations. This module covers the many ways to pick up a clearance, the notion of clearances versus releases, the often bewildering wording of void times, and some options for getting off the ground a lot faster when the weather permits.

Tasks/Resources for Non-Towered IFR Ops

How Would You Handle This Clearance?

The upgrade to a newer, quicker airplane has been everything you hoped for, but now you’re moving fast in busy airspace when ATC issues you a clearance you aren’t prepared for. You have seconds to decide what a New York controller expects as you descend for one of the nation’s most notorious airports. What will you do?

Tasks/Resources for How Would You Handle This Clearance?

IFR Comm: Routes & Clearances

John and Bob are veteran Air Traffic Controllers (over 50 years experience combined) and are both instrument rated pilots. In this workshop, they explain why you don’t always get the route you filed as well as tips for picking up your clearance at a towered airport.

Tasks/Resources for IFR Comm: Routes & Clearances