WINGS Program

PilotWorkshops and the FAA WINGS Program

WINGS is an FAA pilot proficiency program designed to help pilots improve skills and knowledge in order to reduce accidents.

WINGS allows you to earn “Knowledge” credits that can be used to satisfy the ground portion of a Flight Review. PilotWorkshops’ online courses can give you these valuable Knowledge credits.


To get started, create a WINGS Account with FAA

If you do not already have an account on, you can create one here:

Create WINGS Account at FAA

Earn WINGS Credits with PilotWorkshops

PilotWorkshops offers online courses that focus on the Knowledge sections within the WINGS program. By taking our courses you can get the credits needed for the Knowledge portion of the WINGS program and fulfill your requirement for that part of your Flight Review. That means you won’t need to do the “Ground” portion of the Flight Review.

Fulfilling the Knowledge portion requires 3 credits for the phase you choose: Beginner or Advanced or Master.

Completing a PilotWorkshops program below earns you either one or two credits in each phase.

PilotWorkshops programs that earn one credit per phase

    • IFR Mastery Scenarios
    • VFR Mastery Scenarios
    • IFR Weather Briefings

Example: Completing an IFR Mastery Scenario would earn you one Beginner credit, one Advanced credit and one Master credit.

PilotWorkshops programs that earn two credits per phase

    • Airmanship
    • Private Pilot: The Missing Lessons
    • Real World VFR
    • Real World IFR
    • Real World Coast to Coast
    • IFR Proficiency
    • Advanced IFR
    • IFR: The Missing Lessons
    • Instrument Rating Accelerator
    • GTN: Next Level

Example: Completing Airmanship would earn you two Beginner credits, two Advanced credits and two Master credits.

How to Apply for WINGS Credits from PilotWorkshops Training

Once you have a WINGS account, you can review the courses that we offer and start earning your knowledge credits.

When you complete a course on our site, look for the blue WINGS box at the bottom of the course (located on the Overview page of the training program within My Cockpit), and click the Get Credits link. Be sure to enter the same email address you used when you set up your WINGS account. We will take care of the rest.

Note that credits are uploaded from PilotWorkshops to the FAA site on a weekly basis, so your credits should be reflected on the FAA site approximately one week after your submission.

How to Check your WINGS Credits

To check the status of your credits, log into your WINGS account at:

Login to WINGS Account at FAA