WINGS Program Q&A for IFR Mastery

Q: I have completed scenarios in the past and been issued WINGS credits, why aren’t these scenarios showing as Completed in IFR Mastery.
A: Our website does not have a direct connection into the FAA WINGS database, therefore the new Completed flags in IFR Mastery need to be controlled manually.

Q: Will marking a scenario as Completed in IFR Mastery automatically send my WINGS credit request to the FAA?
A: No, you will need to submit WINGS credit requests as you did before. The form is at the bottom of each IFR Mastery scenario page. Just click the “Submit Credit” button and enter your email.

Q: Can I see a list of IFR Mastery scenarios I’ve completed and been issued WINGS credits for on the FAA website?
A: Yes, login to the WINGS website and you can see all your completed activities under the “Activities, Courses, Seminars & Webinars” tab at the top.

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