Welcome to IFR Mastery

Welcome to IFR Mastery

You’ve joined a group of pilots dedicated to improving their knowledge and decision-making skills by working through these scenarios. We recommend watching the welcome video first and reviewing the suggestions below to get the most value from IFR Mastery.

Watch the Welcome Video

Edit Your Profile

Click here and use the Profile Edit link on the left menu to set up your profile that will display in the Hangar.

Don’t Forget to Visit the Hangar

This is a great way to enhance your IFR Mastery experience. In each scenario, there’s a link to the hangar discussion where you can ask questions or share comments with our instructors and other pilots. You’ll find a valuable information exchange here.

New Scenarios Each Month

We publish a new IFR Mastery scenario on the first day of each month, which you’ll find at the top of the My Cockpit page. Follow the steps to complete the scenario and be sure to mark it as Completed when you have finished.

Browse the Scenario Library

Here you’ll find our large library of IFR Mastery scenarios covering a wide range of topics. You can use filters to quickly search through the library and brush up on specific focus areas.

We’ll send you an email when we publish a new scenario and quiz each month, but we encourage you to visit the library and complete additional scenarios on your own schedule.