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Windshield Cleaning Mistake


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"Is it worth using a special window cleaner, or should I just use water and a clean rag to clean my windshield?" —Tobias M.


“This is a great question, but there’s a much more important thing to consider

If the windshield is significantly dirty or dusty, flush it with clean water before spraying any cleaner on it. This will help loosen and remove the layer of dirt and dust that you definitely don’t want to rub into your windshield—especially if it’s plexiglass. That dirt and dust could scratch the windshield, even if you use a brand new perfect microfiber cloth.

After you’ve flushed the loose dirt and dust off, then you can consider cleaning the windshield with your favorite cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth, using swiping motions in the direction of flight. If you’re in a situation where a special cleaner is not available, a little clean water on an appropriate clean cloth will work just fine.

Also, don’t use a shop towel from the maintenance shop to clean windows and windshields; These shop towels are often cleaned by a cleaning service and returned to the shop. That’s fine for cleaning up oil and grease, but there could be residual particles of grit and dirt, as well as an occasional metal shaving, in these towels.”

Do you have a favorite technique or cleaner for your windshield?

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