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Trust Your Instincts


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"What should I do if something just doesn't feel right, on the ground or inflight?"
- Carl R.


“Trust your instincts!

Stop, slow down, and analyze what is going on. Resolve the conflict because until you do the distraction will be overpowering. Whether we are on the ground or inflight, there is always help available. Use it.

The essence of Cockpit Resource Management is using all available resources. Ask ATC, the Fixed Base Operator, or whoever is available to help you resolve the discrepancy.

Twice, I was able to relate stories from a Connecticut airport that used cinder blocks to tie down aircraft. One dragged a block all the way to the active runway, the other actually took off! I refuse to believe that at some point the pilot didn’t ask himself why is this airplane taxiing so funny?”

I recently heard something funny during runup, and looking outside the door I saw the other pilot’s keys still in the door lock. We both missed them on preflight.

A seatbelt hanging out the passenger door can create a tremendous amount of damage if ignored during flight.

The aircraft is just not accelerating on climb out…maybe we should check the flaps or gear.

We KNOW how our aircraft should be performing. Anything that doesn’t look or feel right, probably isn’t. Check it out!”

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