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Takeoff Over Max Weight?


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"I know special flight permits can be issued to allow an airplane to fly over gross weight. Doesn't this mean the aircraft's maximum gross weight is more of a guideline than a hard limit in normal operations?" — Anonymous


“The manufacturer has established a maximum gross weight for the airplane. This weight constitutes a limitation, which must not be exceeded. It was established during testing by the manufacturer.

A pilot who exceeds this takeoff weight has no knowledge or assurance that the flight characteristics of the airplane will be acceptable. Additionally, FAR 91.9 specifically prohibits a person from operating an aircraft without complying with the operating limitations specified.

Information regarding the weight and balance for a particular airplane is located in the POH (Pilot’s Operating Handbook). The POH must be onboard the airplane where it can be used as a reference before a flight, and to determine whether the proposed loading of the airplane meets the limitations described in the weight and balance section of the POH.

In the case of light airplanes, it is sometimes necessary to operate with less than a full fuel load to meet the weight limitations specified for the airplane.”

Have you knowingly flown an airplane over it's maximum takeoff weight?

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