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VFR Checkpoint


Subscriber question:

"I have noticed letters underneath VFR checkpoints on the sectional. What do these mean?"
- Andrew S.


vfr_checkpoints2.jpg“These are five letter GPS identifiers of VFR checkpoints. This allows a pilot to enter the checkpoint in the GPS for navigation and awareness.

They can be used for avoidance of specific airspace; e.g., Class B, SUA, etc. It is important to remember though that the charted waypoints do NOT define the airspace boundaries. They may also be used to support VFR flyway routes with entry and exit points, and, when necessary, intermediate waypoints.

By entering the checkpoint in the GPS, it may assist a pilot in identifying VFR checkpoints or visual reporting points where the associated landmark is difficult to pick up visually.

The five letter identifiers are not designed to be pronounceable or used in ATC communications. A pilot should refer to the name of the geographical point instead.”

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