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Passengers – Key Briefing Items


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"What are the important items that should be covered with passengers in a pre-takeoff briefing?" - Carmen J.


“I’m a huge fan of thorough pre-takeoff briefings. Every flight in the military starts with one and they have a pretty good safety record.

I’d include all of the following items (with passengers)…

First, aircraft familiarization:

  • Operation of aircraft doors and windows
  • Location and use of fire extinguishers
  • Use of onboard oxygen systems
  • Use of seat belts and shoulder harnesses
  • Seat positions and adjustments
  • Location of survival gear
  • Location and use of heating/cooling vents

In-flight areas:

  • Sterile cockpit
  • Access to flight controls and transfer
  • Secure loose items

Post-flight areas:

  • Aircraft egress in case of emergency
  • Order and method of exit

If you discuss these items (with your passengers), you’ll come across as a professional and you’ll be ready for unplanned events.”

When do you typically give your passenger briefings?

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