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Keeping Your Medical


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 "The greatest fear among pilots is losing their medical certificate. How much truth should I tell on my medical? Many pilots with high blood pressure, controlled by medication, do not fully disclose this fact. This is something no one wants to talk about. Should I or should I not tell the truth on my medical? " - Gary


Keeping your medical“This is an excellent subject for discussion. First and foremost, tell the truth on your medical application. The best way to lose your medical and your pilot certificates is to falsify an application. Concealing blood pressure issues or other meds is a no-no. It is illegal.

Having said that, talk with your medical examiner before marking your application. Make sure you understand what the question is asking and it’s applicability to you. I’ll be the first to admit that filling out paperwork is one of my least favorite things to do.

There are many wonderful aviation medical examiners (AME’s) out there. Find one you like and are comfortable with. Many pilots have issues and medical challenges. A good AME will work with you to keep you flying, not try to keep you out of the cockpit if you are fit to fly!

Hypertension, for example, treated with meds is approved, and any AME can assist the airman through this process. With certain issues, there may be some additional tests or requirements to complete, but with patience and persistence, they can be successfully accomplished.”

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