This tip was originally published on 3/3/21.

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Engine Failure: #1 Rule


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"Simple question: What's the most important thing for surviving total engine failure? A simple answer would be appreciated." — Peter A.


“You absolutely have to be sure that you don’t stall the airplane!

I’ve been to many aircraft accident scenes, I’ve evaluated hundreds and hundreds of accidents and pilots are NOT killed when they fly their airplane to the ground under control. They ARE killed when they stall an airplane into the ground.

So maintaining an airspeed safely above stall speed right on down to the ground is so very, very important.”

Have you ever had to make an off-airport landing?

(If so, what's the #1 thing that made it a success?)

(NEW) VFR Mastery scenario #69 “Something’s Come Up” is now available. Passenger airsickness is an annoyance that almost every pilot has had to deal with at one time or another. Landing ASAP is the rule, but VFR above the clouds complicates the execution. The passenger might not be the only problem as well. Maybe you shouldn’t have ordered the fish. Watch the Intro video.

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