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Missed Approaches


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"Regarding instrument approaches, do you re-try an approach after going missed, assuming weather is at or above minimums and fuel isn't an issue. How many times? Would this change with precision vs. non-precision approaches?"
- Jerry T.


missed-app-takeoff-min.jpg“Whether it’s precision or non-precision for me personally, if I have to go missed once, I’ll go back. I’ll try it one more time. But my personal minimum is if I have to miss the second time, I’m out of there.

I’m not going to go back, because we just set up that scenario…

..well, we’ll just do a little duck under here.

..we’ll take it 50 feet lower this time.

..I know they’ve got obstacle clearances built into this approach, so what’s another 50 feet?

..this is my backyard. I know all the mountains around here.

So you have to establish minimums for yourself and again you have to be ready to say – oops, this just went below my minimums, it’s a no-go. I’m outta here!”

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