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Building IFR Confidence


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"What is your advice for an instrument rated pilot who has no actual time? I feel excited yet a little nervous to experience actual instrument conditions even though I have an instrument rating." - Cole G.


“The best thing to do would be to get some actual instrument experience with an instrument instructor until you feel comfortable enough to try some flights yourself.

IFR ConfidenceI would recommend that your first IFR flights be flights where you go from point A to point B in clear air so that you can concentrate on working with ATC as well as navigation without any weather concerns.

When comfortable working in the system you can make a flight which will require you to fly in the clouds but not necessitate an IFR approach at the end of the flight.

As your experience and confidence builds, you can file in weather that will require an approach but will allow you to break out well above minimums. At this point you might consider filing to airports you are familiar with; perhaps airports you trained at. Start simply and go slow.

In order to increase your proficiency in working within the air traffic system, you should consider filing IFR whenever practical, even in VFR conditions.”

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