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"How should I approach my flight review and what goals should I have for this event?" - Kevin C.


“A flight review is not just a square filler, but should be viewed as an important part of your pilot proficiency. A couple of recommendations for your flight review:

Try coming away from the flight review possessing skills and knowledge you did not have before the review.

Along with the instructor, create a personal plan for ongoing currency and proficiency.

flight_review.pngTake the time to find the right flight instructor. It is not necessarily your best buddy. Make sure it is someone who will challenge you. Ensure that the instructor is strong in those areas that are important to your flying. For example, if you fly in the mountains regularly, get an instructor with mountain flying experience.

Don’t just show up, ­prepare for the flight review ahead of time. Get back in the books and brush up on any areas you feel weak in. While the flight review is not a check ride, you are validating that you are qualified and meet all the requirements of the practical test standards for the certificates you hold.

Many instructors are now teaching the PAVE checklist during flight reviews. Spend some time to understand it. It is a great way to self­-assess your own skills and preparedness for flight.

  • Pilot: general health, physical/mental/emotional state, proficiency, currency
  • Aircraft: airworthiness, equipment, performance capability
  • enVironment: weather hazards, terrain, airports/runways to be used, conditions
  • External pressures: meetings, people waiting at the destination, etc.
Make the most of your flight review and consider it an investment in your aviation future!”

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