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Taxiing in a Crosswind


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"Can you please review the rule of thumb for taxiing in a strong crosswind? I love using these simple guides." - Patricia R.


“Learning to take off and land in a crosswind are essential skills. Just as important are proper crosswind taxiing skills since a crosswind can upset an aircraft on the taxiway.

When taxiing tailwheel airplanes:

  • dive away from the wind if it’s behind you;
  • climb into the wind if the wind is from in front of you.

For a nosewheel (tricycle gear) airplane:

  • for a headwind (wind is from in front of you), hold aileron as if turning into the wind with elevator neutral;
  • for a tailwind, dive away.

Make these crosswind corrections a practice even if the winds are light. That way they will become normal operating procedures and won’t easily be forgotten.”

Note: Figure 2-14 is from the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook Chapter 2

While taxiing, at what wind speed do you start making the crosswind corrections Bob described?

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