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What Makes Good CRM?


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"We hear a lot about Cockpit Resource Management these days. There are lots of theories, but I'd like some simple tips in this area. What are the keys to effective CRM?" - Joe W.


“First of all, Time Management—recognize that rushing works against us in all circumstances. Give yourself enough time to do the job (each task) right the first time. This involves the planning, preflight and the enroute phases of flight.

Information Management—with good information you’ll make good decisions. If you are having trouble making a decision, get more information so you can do it right.

Workload Management—all pilots have a breaking point. Use your quiet time (during the flight) to free up your skills for the critical phases of flight.

Prioritization—recognize the difference between critical actions and routine actions. Manage your cockpit so that the critical phases of flight (takeoff, approach, and landing) are never interfered with or compromised.

Situational Awareness—ALWAYS be aware of where you are and what is going on around you that could impact your flight. It is the direct opposite of complacency.

Finally, Risk Management—every decision we make, big or little, has consequences. We need to consistently review our decisions for accuracy and appropriateness to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. No flight is perfect. It is only when we link together a series of bad decisions that we impact safety.”

Which of these CRM fundamentals do you struggle with most?

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