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Climbing In Haze


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"I departed VFR on a hazy day recently and was caught by surprise when I had a difficult time maintaining visual references below me during climb-out. What should you do in this situation?" - Josh P.


“Even though conditions might be legal VFR, there are situations where a lack of visual references make the conditions IFR, in that the aircraft can only be controlled by reference to instruments.

A climb off of a runway in very hazy conditions or at night can be dangerous, particularly if the climb is over water or featureless terrain since it can be difficult to control pitch attitude by visual references. Be prepared in these conditions to transition to your flight instruments to maintain positive control of the aircraft. 

Know what you will do BEFORE takeoff and get ready to do it.

After takeoff, use your attitude indicator in conjunction with your airspeed indicator to set up a climb attitude and avoid turning until you’re at least 800 to 1,000 feet above ground level. Stay on the instruments until reestablishing visual conditions.”

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