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Addressing a Dangerous Pilot


Subscriber question:

"We have a local who does impromptu aerobatics. He did them over the lake last summer and near the ski areas now that it's winter. He buzzes hangars and does low passes at our airport too. I've hoped to talk to him on the ramp, but it never works out. Does this justify reporting him to the FAA?" — Rick R.


“If they are endangering others, you can take action. The Federal Aviation Regulations are written in blood, which means that while we certainly honor our freedoms in this country, common sense does not always prevail and regulations must be put in place.

Aerobatic maneuvers are described in the FARs. Who can accomplish them and where they can be performed is very specifically spelled out, for everyone’s safety. Aviation accidents are huge newsmakers and they come at a tremendous loss of life and grief.

For better or for worse, others’ actions do affect everyone. Those that intentionally operate outside of the regulations have no right to bring down aviation.

Provide the facts to the Federal Aviation Administration and it will be investigated thoroughly. The individual has protection throughout the investigation process, but if they are endangering others, they must be removed from the system.”

If faced with a situation like the subscriber in the question above, what would you do?

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