Desktop Simulator videos

Desktop Simulation Video Series

These videos, taken from PilotWorkshops’ “Getting Started with Flight Simulation” program cover some of the basics for pilots interested in training on a sim. They are a useful sample from the over 50 videos included in the entire program. 

Which Simulator To Use

FAA Certified or non-certified? Which sim software should I use? This video answers those questions with solid recommendations to get you started with a sim that will meet your goals while saving you from lots of research.

Length: 11 min.

Selecting Hardware

What type of hardware do you need for sim-based proficiency training? There are a lot of factors to consider. Keith and Jeff net it out for you with recommendations for smart hardware choices.

Length: 14 min.

Yoke or Joystick?

Should you fly with a yoke or joystick? The initial temptation is to choose whatever you use in your plane, but the actual answer is not so obvious. We’ll explain the exact hardware we recommend and why.Length: 9 min.

Installing X-Plane

If you aren’t buying a pre-configured system, this video walks you through installing the X-Plane software on your PC. You’ll learn which version to buy and why, how to install scenery and more.Length: 9 min.

Which Airplane To Use

Initial instinct is to fly an airplane as close as possible to the one you fly in real life. On the other hand, there are distinct advantages to flying higher performance aircraft. Keith and Jeff explain the factors to consider when choosing.Length: 21 min.

Mastering Views and Looking Around

Quickly changing between cockpit views is an important part of a good sim experience. This video provides some tested tips and recommendations for the most helpful views, and how to configure them in your sim.

Length: 20 min.