Rod Machado’s Flight Review

Rod Machado’s Flight Review

  • Delivered in new eLearning format
  • Fill in important knowledge gaps
  • Knock off the rust
  • Don’t wait for your flight review!

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Rod’s New eLearning Format Makes It Fun

Rod’s Flight Review program includes two new interactive eLearning courses that prepare you for a flight review or help you knock off the rust.

1. “Federal Aviation Regulations for Pilots”
2. “Understanding Airspace”

Rod’s Interactive eLearning courses offer a fun, new and exciting way to learn. Each course is narrated and accompanied by interesting graphics, animations, videos and educational interactions. In addition, each section within a course is accompanied by questions to help test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts. Of course, if questions aren’t your thing, then simply skip them and continue with the course.

The FAA Regulations You Really Should Know!

Regulations are typically dry and boring, but Rod has found a way to make them fun and interesting.

With Rod’s “Federal Aviation Regulations for Pilots” interactive eLearning course, you’ll learn (or review) all the regulations you need to prepare for your flight review, pass your private pilot knowledge exam, or just refresh your knowledge on the rules and regulations that govern our flying.

This course contains many hard-to-find FAA legal interpretations on certain “frequently debated and often confusing” aspects of the FARs. You’ll be an FAR expert in no time!

Rod explains these regulations in an easy-to-understand (and remember) way:

  • Aircraft:
  • Category
  • Class
  • Make & Model
  • Type Rating
  • Airworthiness
  • Conditions of Flight:
  • VFR
  • IFR
  • Night
  • Logging Time
  • Medical Certification
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Recency of Experience
  • Student Pilot Requirements
  • Pilot Privileges & Limitations
  • High-Performance Endorsement
  • High Altitude Endorsement
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • Preflight Requirements
  • Operating Near Other Aircraft
  • Right Of Way Rules
  • Speed Limits and Restrictions
  • Minimum Safe Altitudes
  • ATC Communications
  • Fuel Requirements
  • VFR Minimums
  • VFR Cruising Altitude
  • Aircraft Certification
  • Emergency Locator Transmitters
  • Aircraft Lights
  • Supplemental Oxygen
  • Transponders
  • Aerobatic Airplanes
  • Experimental Airplanes
  • Glider Towing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • NTSB Reports
  • Proposed Rules Changes
  • FAA Interpretations

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The Airspace System Simplified (Finally)

Rod’s “Understanding Airspace” explains why the airspace system exists the way it does. This interactive eLearning course is a fun-filled refresher and flight review prep that helps all pilots better understand our present airspace system and a pilot’s obligations when operating within it.

Have you ever wondered why…

Class E begins at either 700′ or 1,200′ AGL?
SVFR minimums are 1 mile and clear of clouds?
VFR cloud clearance is higher above than below the clouds?

Rod provides easy-to-remember explanations of the entire airspace system:

Airspace Overview

  • Big Picture
  • Modern Airspace System
  • Controlled and Uncontrolled
  • Collisions

Class A

  • Overview
  • Factoids

Class B

  • Entry Requirement
  • Special VFR
  • Airspace Corridors
  • Class B Variations
  • Transponders and Mode C

Class C

  • Equipment
  • Variations
  • Service
  • Satellite Airports
  • Shapes
  • WX Minimums
  • Speed Restrictions

Class D

  • Equipment
  • Arrivals and Fly-throughs
  • Departures
  • WX Minimums
  • Satellite Airports

Class E

  • At and above 10,000′ MSL
  • Below 10,000′ MSL
  • 700′ AGL
  • Airspace Variations
  • Variable Airspace Floors

Class G

  • Overview
  • Class G at Night
  • Above 1,200′
  • Class G Minimums

Terminal Radar Service Area (TRSA)

  • Overview
  • Variations

Special Use Airspace

  • Prohibited Areas
  • Restricted Areas
  • Warning Areas
  • Alert Areas
  • Military Operating Area
  • Military Training Routes
  • ADIZ

Temporary Flight Restrictions

  • TFR Overview
  • Details and Examples

Special VFR

  • Examples
  • VFR Minimums Graph