Real World IFR

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Follow a veteran IFR pilot in a series of challenging IFR flights in some of the country’s busiest airspace. He talks you through each task and procedure, and you will hear all of his ATC interactions. Briefings and debriefs accompany each flight to review what went right and lessons learned. Includes an IFR Refresher Ground School.


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Real World IFR is a series of videotaped, end-to-end IFR flights, with increasing complexity as you move through the program. There is a briefing before each flight, so you’ll know what to expect. Then you follow IFR veteran Keith Smith on flights in various airspace and weather conditions, some in his high-performance Lancair 360 and others in an FAA certified flight simulator with live ATC interaction.

As you fly along, Keith talks you through each task and procedure as he completes it. You will hear all of his ATC interactions so you will know the proper phraseology to use in all phases of an IFR flight. There are no shortcuts – you will follow the flight in real-time from engine start to engine shut down. Each flight is followed by a debrief to ensure you retain the key takeaways.

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