Real World Coast to Coast

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Real World Coast to Coast places you in the left seat and lets you experience all aspects of a cross-country trip from New Jersey to Southern California, from a pilot’s perspective. Along the way, encounter a huge variety of flying conditions (VFR and IFR), terrain, airspace, airports and challenging situations.

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If you’ve wanted to use your airplane for long-range business or personal travel but lack the experience, this program gives you the confidence needed to take your flying to the next level.

Follow Keith Smith through sixteen flights that are captured on HD video cameras. You’ll also watch him plan each flight with a detailed briefing (using ForeFlight) and then debrief after landing.

The view over Keith’s shoulder reveals terrific insights. You see exactly what he sees and hear exactly what he hears. Watching Keith sweat it out on these flights gives you a window into procedures, techniques, ATC interactions and critical decision-making you can’t get any other way. Keith makes mistakes and not every flight goes as planned—because it’s real, unscripted flying! That’s what makes this program unique.

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