Unforgettable Flight over the Rockies

Unforgettable: Flight Over The Rockies

Far more than just a beautiful flight, this 3-video program shares an in-depth briefing with weather analysis and route planning, the full flight including evading, then enduring mountain turbulence (and spectacular scenery), and a debrief analysis showing what went right, and what could have gone better. It’s a fascinating, over-the-shoulder look at how an experienced pilot plans and executes a challenging, cross-country flight.

Briefing – Pilot Keith Smith takes you through a detailed briefing as he carefully analyzes this mountain crossing flight. The briefing forces Keith to alter his original plan, and he discusses why.

Flight – Get a perfect cockpit view of the entire flight with running commentary and full ATC.

Debrief – Keith dissects the flight, reviewing what went right and what could be improved. Lots of valuable lessons for any cross-country flight.

These videos are part of our Real World Coast to Coast program available here.