PilotWorkshops debuts “Real World VFR” video training

November 25, 2015 (Nashua, NH) – PilotWorkshops has launched Real World VFR, a NEW HD video program that follows a pilot through a series of challenging flights, and teaches the skills and confidence needed to explore new flying adventures.


With multiple, in-cockpit and airplane-mounted cameras and full ATC audio, viewers feel like they are riding along in the cockpit as they strain to pick out an airport at night, avoid jet turbulence on a Class Bravo runway, or land on a short grass strip in the mountains.

There are ten videotaped flights in all that capture the following challenges:

  • Navigate cross-country, old school (without navaids)
  • Find a small, remote island airport at night
  • Land at Boston Logan Airport (Class B) VFR in a Cessna 172
  • Fly up the Hudson River VFR Corridor, and then land at Teterboro, one of the busiest class Delta airports in the world
  • Depart at night in the mountains, and use an IFR technique to avoid them
  • Encounter VFR into IMC for real, at night
  • Manage system failures, simulated emergencies and other surprises
  • Use the power of ForeFlight for VFR planning and in-flight situations
  • Takeoff and land from short fields – some grass, some paved, some scary
  • Fly a VFR arrival into Oshkosh during Airventure 2015

As the title suggests, the real-world nature of the flights means that things don’t always go as briefed. Changes, surprises and even mistakes happen, and seeing how an experienced pilot deals with these incidents is a major part of the learning process.

Real World VFR is suitable for any pilot that has areas of rust they might need to knock off, or techniques they never really mastered. Night flying, Class Bravo operations, short/soft-field operations, long water crossings, dead reckoning navigation; these are all briefed, flown and debriefed so that any pilot contemplating a flight with these challenges will feel safer and more confident doing the real thing.

The product is now available online and on a USB flash drive. Details and samples.