PilotWorkshops Releases “Real World Coast to Coast”

May 17, 2016 (Nashua, NH) – PilotWorkshops has released a new training program called Real World Coast to Coast. The series of high def videos gives you a “left seat perspective”, flying along with experienced pilot Keith Smith as he journeys across the country. Unlike scripted training programs where everything is under control, in Real World Coast to Coast you see what Keith sees, hear what he hears on the radios, and go through the process of planning for each leg.

Keith encounters everything from breathtaking views to hard IFR. Some legs go as planned, while others encounter challenges such as radio problems, re-routes, and even a flat tire at LAX!

Being able to ride along with a proficient pilot who is explaining everything as it happens, each step of the way, provides a great learning experience for anyone who wants to fly longer trips with their airplane. Keith provides detailed briefings and debriefs for each flight. He makes extensive use of ForeFlight so you can see how he uses it and maybe discover a few shortcuts you weren’t aware of.

You’ll experience:

  • A series of challenging IFR and VFR flights
  • Long-range, cross-country flight planning
  • ATC Communications – IFR and VFR
  • A variety of reroutes and diversions
  • High-altitude mountain crossings
  • Radio communication problems in IMC
  • IFR legs through complex NY and LA airspace
  • VFR over the Grand Canyon at dusk
  • A high-density-altitude landing and departure
  • Fun at LAX: STAR in, SID out (and a flat tire)
  • Heavy use of ForeFlight, Stratus and ADS-B
  • Turbulence from winds, mountains, and heavy rain
  • Various “special flight rules area” transitions
  • Fatigue, hunger, stress, and potential hypoxia
  • Breathtaking scenery across the USA
  • And much more!

This program helps you bridge the gap between classroom/book learning and actual flight. Most of us don’t have the opportunity to fly across the country with an instructor in the left seat. This is the next best thing. More detail available here.