PilotWorkshops Releases Pilot-Exercise Program

September 12, 2019 (Nashua, NH) PilotWorkshops has released “Pilot Exercise Program” a new entry in their Pilot-Friendly® Manual series. This manual contains 15 in-flight exercises carefully designed to improve the flying skills of any pilot while creating a fun, “scoreable” challenge.

“The Pilot Exercise Program gives pilots a reason to go flying – with a purpose. If you don’t have a specific mission, GA flying can lose some of its fun after a while. This program offers a variety of interesting exercises you can fly with a friend or instructor, that challenge you while improving your physical piloting skills,” stated Mark Robidoux, PilotWorkshops founder.

These exercises go way beyond the slow flight and steep turns many pilots rely on. The program integrates basic skills into new flying challenges requiring forethought, divided attention, and precise stick-and-rudder control to create flying workouts that are fun, challenging and repeatable.

A simple scoring system helps track progress as pilots perfect the maneuvers and master each challenge. The program includes videos for the exercises to demonstrate what they look like from a variety of camera angles, along with commentary from the CFI.

More detail and samples are available here.