PilotWorkshops adds Ryan Koch as Content Producer

Ryan KochJanuary 16, 2020 (Nashua, NH) PilotWorkshops has hired Ryan Koch as a Content Producer for the development of new videos, manuals, and other educational content.

“We worked with Ryan on two of our most recent training programs and response from customers has been great,” said PilotWorkshops founder, Mark Robidoux. “He has a unique talent for explaining aviation concepts and procedures in a clear, understandable way.”

Ryan is a flight instructor specializing in instrument flight and is a flight simulator expert. He currently instructs out of Wausau, WI and has experience doing remote flight instruction via simulators.

Ryan was the driving force behind the development of several PilotWorkshops online courses, including IFR: The Missing Lessons and Advanced IFR. Ryan is also a contributing expert for PilotWorkshops’ IFR Mastery series and is a regular participant in the Instructor’s Roundtable. He teaches ground schools, runs ATC communications courses for both IFR and VFR pilots, and has developed curriculum for a variety of IFR proficiency programs, and a simulator-centered high school aviation program.