PilotWorkshops Releases Updated IFR Proficiency Series

May 26,2015 (Nashua, NH) – PilotWorkshops has released an updated version of its IFR Proficiency Series for instrument pilots. The training includes 42 audio and video workshops covering topics including:

• Instrument Approaches
• Weather and Flight Planning
• IFR Communication
• Accident Analysis
• Single Pilot IFR

Included are three brand new workshops: Mastering GPS Approaches, Mastering Instrument Approaches and Mastering SIDs and STARs. In addition to the new material, more than a dozen other workshops have been updated to account for new information and technologies.

Importantly, all previous customers of IFR Proficiency are entitled to online access so they can use the new material. “We believe it is important to keep our customers updated with new material and that’s a huge benefit of online delivery,” states Mark Robidoux, PilotWorkshops’ founder.

The lessons are developed by PilotWorkshops’ team of experienced instructors including Wally Moran, Bob Nardiello, John Krug, Bob Martens, Rod Machado, Doug Stewart and Scott Dennstaedt. They have created highly focused, 10-15 minute workshops that allow a pilot to quickly pick up valuable strategies and tips for each topic.

The product is delivered in an online format compatible with computers, tablets and smart phones with a USB version available for backup and offline viewing. Get more details here.