CFII Mallory Devine Joins PilotWorkshops

June 9, 2016 (Nashua, NH) – Mallory Devine, a CFII with commercial and multi-engine ratings, has joined In her full-time role, Mallory will provide customer support and assist in product development.

“Promptly answering phone calls and emails has been crucial to our long-term success. If you are buying something, especially on the internet, and you have a question; you want a fast answer from somebody that knows what they are doing.  With her pilot credentials and experience as an instructor, Mallory is a great resource for our customers,” stated PilotWorkshops founder, Mark Robidoux.

Mallory graduated from the Flight Operations program at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation.

Previously, Mallory was an instructor for East Coast Aero club for 6 years where she taught in 172’s, Arrows and Warriors. She most recently was the Manager of East Coast’s Nashua office before joining PilotWorkshops.