PilotWorkshops releases “Advanced IFR Techniques and Procedures” video program

December 10, 2019 (Nashua, NH) PilotWorkshops has released “Advanced IFR Techniques and Procedures” a new video program demonstrating pro techniques and essential procedures that makes Instrument flying easier and safer.

“In Advanced IFR you watch an instructor brief, fly and then debrief flights designed to expose and explain the “advanced” concepts and procedures that are not normally taught during Instrument training or flight reviews, yet are critical for flying IFR in the real world ,” stated Mark Robidoux, PilotWorkshops founder. “While many consider them advanced, knowing these procedures actually simplifies planning and flying in IFR.”

These flights cover procedures like Visual Climbs Over Airport (VCOA), Departing No-IAP Airports, TEC Routes, SIDs and STARs, Contact Approaches, Diverse Departures, Graphical ODPs, Circling Approach Survival Secrets and much more. The videos demonstrate these procedures in real time during the flight, accompanied with helpful instruction and tips by the CFII. Briefings and debriefs for each flight provide comprehensive preflight planning and a recap of the flight along with teaching points and takeaways pilots can use when encountering these types of IFR situations.

More detail and samples are available here.