Answer 16

ForeFlight Question of the Month:

ForeFlight allows loading instrument procedures into the flight plan. Can it load a DME arc as part of an approach?:

A. Yes, and it provides an arc just like a certified GPS navigator.

B. Yes. However, it’s an approximation of the arc using several short, straight segments.

C. Not really. The arc appears as a discontinuity in the procedure.

D. No. However, the flight plan connects the two points in a straight line so it will resume normally after the arc is complete.

Answer: B. Procedures are added to the flight plan via tapping the procedures button, which is available when in the edit tab. All the published transitions should be there, including DME arcs and radius-to-fix (RF) legs. Even though the arcs are approximated as a series of short segments, the course remains well within the lateral tolerances of the arc.



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