Answer 15

ForeFlight Question of the Month:

It’s unusual to find pilot-controlled lighting (PCL) triggered by a frequency other than the CTAF/Unicom, but it happens. When PCL is on a discrete frequency, ForeFlight will (select all that apply):

A. List it in the frequencies information of the airport’s tab

B. List it in the frequencies that pop up when you tap the airport on the map

C. Note it on the map if the new aeronautical layer is selected

D. Not make any special note of it, assuming you’ll check the Chart Supplement (the A/FD tab) or approach chart

Answer: D. It’s embarrassing to keep keying the mic for the airport lights, only to have another pilot tell you to quit it and use the correct frequency. A discrete PCL frequency appears in the A/FD section (near the top) and on approach charts.


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