Answer 14

ForeFlight Question of the Month:

Suppose there’s a NOTAM raising the missed approach holding altitude from 4000 to 4500. Can you annotate the approach chart so “4500” simply replaces “4000” in the graphical depiction?

A. You can’t. Editing approach charts is forbidden.

B. Sort of. You can draw with the annotate tool. It’s only a freehand “pencil.”

C. You can use the text annotate tool. However, it’s just text so the “4000” will show through from behind.

D. You can use the text annotate tool and customize the background of the text box to block the underlying text.

Answer: D. From the Plates tab of ForeFlight, open the plate and then tap the pencil to see the annotation tools. Next, tap the text tool and place it where you want the replacement. Type 4500. Now, tap the color presets and select black type with a white background. After creating the text box with a background (as illustrated below)., you can adjust the location with a tap and drag.


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