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Resources for Pilots

Congratulations. You now have free access to the resources below. In addition, you’ll start getting the Pilot’s Tip of the Week which shares concise, useful tips you can use in the cockpit. Over 200,000 pilots have been enjoying these weekly tips since 2006. Look for it on Wednesday mornings.

Quick Reference Guide to Non-Towered Airport Communications

Provides clear guidance on what to say and when to say it as you maneuver for takeoffs, landings or pattern work.

Illustrations, sidebars and helpful tips make this an indispensable resource for any pilot who appreciates the value of proper, precise communications.

Ideal for students or rusty pilots, and a great review for those who seldom fly into uncontrolled airports

Download 22 page PDF

Takeoffs and Landings Refresher

What you need to know to make smooth landings in any conditions…

Hall of Fame and Master CFI, Designated Pilot Examiner and accomplished glider pilot Wally
Moran explains his techniques for all sorts of takeoff and landing situations: normal, cross wind, short field and soft field. A great refresher for any pilot.

Download 22 page PDF.

Caught on Camera: Black Hole Approach

Instrument Pilots: Get IFR Focus

IFR Focus provides free tips, tactics and techniques to help you get the most from your instrument flying.

Emphasizing practical information, each issue contains a video workshop and advanced ForeFlight Q&A. Written by former IFR Magazine editor and CFII, Jeff Van West.

See Issue #1 here.