Mastery Unsubscribe Fix

Manage Your PilotWorkshops GOLD, IFR or VFR Mastery Emails

Use the options on this page to manage or update the email address associated with your Mastery account.

Option 1: Re-Subscribe To The Mailing List

If you want to keep your Mastery subscription and receive the Mastery updates and Tip of the Week emails again, enter your email address here to re-subscribe.


Option 2: If You Want To Cancel Your Mastery Subscription

If you wish to cancel your Mastery Subscription click here. Then click on the View button next to your subscription, and use the Cancel button to stop your billing.

You can also call or email us to cancel 888-449-1007 or


Option 3: If You Need To Change The Email On Your PilotWorkshops Mastery Account

If you need to change the email associated with your account, please contact us at 888-449-1007 or with the old and new email information.