Caught on Camera Videos

Caught on Camera

See how an experienced pilot handles these unusual situations and learn from the experience.

Caught On Camera: Scary Approach

Sometimes the most powerful learning experiences are the ones you wish never happened. On this short flight, two experienced pilots nearly ended up becoming a statistic. It was only by chance that the cameras were running and caught it all for later analysis.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes story of the accident that almost—but didn’t—happen.

This video is taken from our Real World VFR training program featuring pilots Keith Smith and Jeff Van West. You can get more info including sample videos here…

Caught on Camera: Scary Departure

This flight from a beautiful grass strip over the scenic hills of Vermont started out like a postcard. But the beauty masks a departure far trickier than it looks. And danger creeps up quickly. Fortunately, our GoPros were on board to capture the flight and show how, despite a thorough brief, we almost got into trouble. Plus, we share tips on how you can avoid something like this happening to you.

This video is part of our Real World VFR program. See details and samples.

Caught on Camera: Logan Landing

Many pilots shy away from landing at a busy, Class B airport. But watching a Cessna 172 land between Boeing jets at Boston’s Logan International (KBOS) is interesting whether or not you ever want to do it.

Listen to the rapid-fire ATC comms and watch pilot Keith Smith slip into a smooth landing.

Caught on Camera: Trapped Above The Ice

This pilot got into a bonafide emergency situation and it was all caught on his GoPro camera. Watch the series of events that led him here and the bold maneuver he used to escape.

This video is taken from our Real World Coast to Coast program. Get details and sample videos here.