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Since 2005, PilotWorkshops has been providing online training courses and “pilot-friendly” manuals for general aviation pilots. Our team of award-winning instructors help pilots at all levels reach a higher standard of safety and excellence.

Over 200,000 pilots use our training to stay sharp and fly safely.

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Scenario-Based Training


VFR Mastery

VFR Mastery is a continuing series of online, scenario-based workshops that tests your knowledge and hones your decision-making skills.


IFR Mastery

IFR Mastery is a fun and effective way to build IFR skills for the instrument pilot. This scenario-based training really gets you thinking with new scenarios every month. A great way to keep your head in the game.

Online Pilot Proficiency Courses

Enhance Your Core Flying Skills:


Our original Airmanship program from 2007—covers core skills, decision making, night flying, emergencies, non-towered airports, and more. An older course, but loaded with golden advice.

Review good flying technique with an all star cast of instructors.

Airmanship 2.0

Airmanship 2.0 is about pursuing excellence in flying. Listen as four renowned flight instructors share their combined wisdom to help you reach a higher level of flying proficiency.

A great refresher, taught by award-winning flight instructors.

Private Pilot: The Missing Lessons

For the private pilot looking to improve. Features valuable lessons that are often overlooked, glossed over or not fully explained during Private Pilot training.

Things you wish your instructor had taught you in primary training.

Real World VFR

For pilots looking for new adventures, this course follows a pilot and instructor through a series of challenging flights, teaching the skills needed to reach the next level.

Practical tips and techniques demonstrated in fun flying videos.

Getting Started With Simulation

This video training walks you step-by-step through the process of choosing, setting up, and using a home-based flight simulator to sharpen your skills.

Start using a personal flight simulator for serious at-home training.

Real World Coast To Coast

Experience all aspects of a long cross-country trip from New Jersey to Southern California, from a pilot’s perspective. Plan each leg, then manage the conditions as they unfold.

Start using your airplane for long cross-country adventures.

Refresh Your IFR Knowledge:

IFR Proficiency Series

Raise your instrument flying to a higher standard with this program. Reviews best practices, lessons learned, and offers specific tactics for safer instrument flying.

Taught by a team of award-winning instructors. Includes audio lessons.

Real World IFR

Watch a pilot tackle a series of challenging IFR flights. Get an over-the-shoulder view of the entire IFR system in action. Includes a condensed ground school for quick review.

If you learn well by watching other pilots, this course is for you.

Instrument Rating Accelerator

For instrument students and newer IFR pilots, this course follows a pilot through the entire instrument rating—from the first training flight through the checkride.

A great supplement to an IFR ground school, and a super-thorough refresher!

Take IFR To The Next Level:

IFR: The Missing Lessons

For the instrument pilot looking to improve. Features valuable lessons that are often overlooked, glossed over or not fully explained during Instrument training.

Things you wish your instructor had taught you in IFR training.

Advanced IFR

Follow instructor Ryan Koch through a series of high-workload IFR flights, and watch him demonstrate pro techniques that help manage the complexities of instrument flying.

Learn to utilize the full capabilities of the IFR system for smoother operation.

IFR Weather Briefings

This video course aims to simplify the process of planning an IFR flight when weather is a concern. We’ll show you which tools to use for safe and thorough planning.

No weather theory—just the nuts and bolts of good, sound planning.

Garmin GTN: Next Level

This video course demonstrates advanced techniques, best practices, power tips, and gotchas for the Garmin GTN 750 and 650 (includes Xi).

A must-have course for all GTN 750/650 users flying IFR.

Mastering The Skew-T Diagram

Start using this powerful planning tool to predict cloud tops, icing levels, turbulence and convective weather with greater precision and accuracy.

Find out why the Skew-T is such a game-changer for pilots.

Pilot-Friendly Manuals

IFR Communications

This Pilot-Friendly manual provides scripts of the most common, most useful, and most critical IFR radio communications. Includes 82 videos demonstrating proper IFR radio calls.

VFR Communications

A Pilot-Friendly manual organized in a task-oriented format that shows you exactly what to say and when to say it. Includes 53 videos that demonstrate VFR radio communication in action.

IFR Procedures

A handy guide to help you review, understand, and fly IFR procedures with confidence.

Airplane Engines

Learn how to get the most performance, dependability and longevity from your engine.

Emergency Strategies

A simplified approach to handling emergencies in an airplane.

Pilot Exercise Program

This Pilot-Friendly manual contains 15 in-flight exercises carefully designed to improve the flying skills of any pilot while creating a fun, “scoreable” challenge.

Garmin GPS Manuals

Our Pilot-Friendly manuals provide a task-oriented format that focuses on procedures, not “buttonology”. Available for G1000, GTN 650, GTN 750, GNS 430, GNS 530.

Flying Companion

This Pilot-Friendly, step-by-step, full color manual details 50 useful tasks a non-pilot can complete for you before, during and after a flight to reduce your workload and improve safety.