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End of Year Sale On Select Courses

Now is a great time to get one of these pilot proficiency courses and brush up this winter. Browse the catalog below for a course that fits your needs.

Real World Training Courses

These “real world” courses have been our most popular training programs. Taught from a pilot’s perspective, you’ll see all the detailed preflight briefings, in-flight instruction, and post-flight debrief sessions as our pilots progress through a series of increasingly difficult flights. You can take what you learn and expand your comfort level in a wider range of flying situations.

Real World VFR

For pilots looking to reach the next level, this course follows a pilot and instructor through a series of challenging flights, and demonstrates the essential skills you’ll need.

Hands-on tips and techniques demonstrated in fun flying videos.

Real World IFR

Watch a pilot tackle a series of challenging IFR flights. Get an over-the-shoulder view of the entire IFR system in action. Includes a condensed ground school for quick review.

Learn by watching an expert pilot operate in all parts of the IFR system.

Real World C2C

Real World Coast-to-Coast: Take a cross country trip from New Jersey to California and experience a wide variety of airports, airspace, weather, terrain, and challenges along the way.

Gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to make long cross-country trips.

Get All Three Real World Courses

Buy all three and save 50%

  • Real World VFR
  • Real World IFR
  • Real World Coast to Coast

The ultimate pilot proficiency collection.

PW Classic Courses

These are our original pilot proficiency courses that were first released in 2007. They aren’t flashy, but are as practical as you can get. Legendary instructors share decades of lessons learned and valuable insights. You’ll learn their best tips, tricks, techniques, good habits, and things to avoid in all kinds of flying scenarios. Pilots tell us they still find great value in these “classic” programs.


Our original Airmanship program from 2007—covers core skills, decision making, night flying, emergencies, non-towered airports, and more. An older course, but loaded with golden advice.

Review risk management and solid flying techniques with an all star cast of instructors.

IFR Proficiency

Raise your instrument flying to a higher standard with this program. Reviews best practices, lessons learned, and offers specific tactics for safer instrument flying.

A great refresher taught by a team of award-winning instructors.

We offer a 90 day money-back guarantee on all online courses. If it’s not for you, we’ll give you a full refund.

Each course can earn FAA WINGS credits. It’s an easy way to stay current and advance within the WINGS program!